February 26, 2020

GMAT Exam Structure: Guide for the Candidates

Competition is present everywhere and in every field. Either you want to get a job or you want to get admission in the desired college or university you have to face competition. Due to increasing number of competent for a job, the competition is increasing. Almost every reputed college or university asks for entrance test in order to give admission to students. These examinations are as per the specialization area chosen by the candidate. GMAT online coaching is available to clear this examination in first attempt. GMAT stands for graduate management admission test which is conducted to assess the skills of the candidate to be admitted in the graduate management degree program. For example: to get admission in various management programs like MBA, etc., this test is conducted. This test is a computer based test which is conducted with the help of computer only.

GMAT tests the various abilities and skills of the candidate in various specialized areas in order to select them for admission. The time given to candidate to complete this test is around 3.5 hours. It consists of four sections that are: analytical writing section, reasoning, quantitative and verbal section. These four sections check the ability of the candidate in these areas on the basis of their scores in these sections. The format of this exam structure is discussed as follows:

  • Analytical writing section: under this section the writing ability of a candidate on various issues are being addressed. The grades under this section are measured on a six point scale. It also includes the analysis of arguments. Which assess and examine the understanding of candidate about the argument and writing criticizes of the given argument. The candidates are supposed to write along with the examples to make their writing more precise and clear.
  • Integrated reasoning section: this section aims to check the ability of a candidate to solve a particular complicated problem. The data and information is provided to the candidate to assess and analyze them and find solution to the problem. The candidates are required to undertake data interpretation, graphical interpretation and analysing of various tables and diagrams etc.
  • Quantitative section: under this section the various mathematical skills of the candidates are being addressed. This section includes questions from two parts that are questions relating to data sufficiency and problem solving questions. It assesses the various analytical and logical skills of the candidate to solve data sufficiency questions. Problem solving questions assess the ability of a candidate to solve various problems. The weight age of problem solving questions are more in this section.
  • Verbal reasoning section: this section aims to check the verbal ability of the candidate. This section includes questions relating to sentence completion or correction of sentence, reading comprehension and relating to critical reasoning. The different passages will be provided to the candidate to find multiple choice answers from it.

GMAT online coaching provides the each and every detail practice and study material to the candidates to score good marks.

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